Creative Biogene 作為一家由科學家創立和由科學家驅動的領先生物技術公司,Creative Biogene 專注於開發高質量的產品和服務以及專有技術,以支持基礎生命科學研究、生物醫學開發、工業合成應用和臨床前領域的研究。藥物發現。 憑藉創新的產品組合和以定制服務為中心的商業模式,Creative Biogene 逐漸被全球客戶認可為專注於基礎生命科學研究的生物技術機構。此外,以基因合成和編輯技術為後盾,Creative Biogene還擅長覆蓋早期藥物發現和藥物開發的全方位生物技術需求。
在 Creative Biogene,我們的內部專家不斷致力於為生物研究界開發工具和創新解決方案。我們的使命是提供最優質的產品,為我們的全球客戶提供專門的技術支持,並通過定制的解決方案滿足客戶的特定需求。
Creative Biogene
As a scientists-founded and scientists-driven leading biotechnological company, Creative Biogene focuses on developing high quality products and services, as well as proprietary technology to support the research in the field of basic life sciences research, biomedical development, industrial synthetic application and preclinical drug discovery.
With the support of an innovative portfolio of products and a custom-service-centered business model, Creative Biogene is gradually recognized by worldwide customers as a biotech institution specializing in fundamental life sciences research. In addition, backed by gene synthesis and editing technology, Creative Biogene is also skilled in covering the full scope of biotechnology needs of early drug discovery and drug development.
Our Mission
At Creative Biogene, Our in-house experts continually work on developing tools and innovative solutions for the bioresearch community. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products, to provide dedicated technical support to our customers worldwide, and to satisfy customers’ specific needs with customized solutions.

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