Creative Peptides 專門從事生物活性肽的工藝開發和製造。我們致力於為工業和研究領域的客戶提供定制肽合成、工藝開發、製造以及目錄產品。 Creative Peptides 的科學團隊由肽技術、抗體和合成化學領域的專家組成。我們廣泛的專業知識轉化為高品質的產品和世界一流的服務,以確保客戶的最大滿意度。
Creative Peptides 提供數百種肽修飾,以滿足任何研究需求。這些修飾可以提高肽的整體穩定性,改變結構以更好地了解生物學功能,或增強抗體開發和生產的免疫原性。我們卓越的質量和可靠性科學家確保為每個肽項目選擇最合適的方法和技術。
Creative Peptides 擁有一支強大的團隊,由來自不同學科的科學家組成,包括在製藥和生物技術行業擁有豐富經驗的化學家、生物學家、藥理學家。 Creative Peptides 提供全面的肽分析服務,以幫助我們的客戶加快研究速度並定制我們的服務以滿足他們的需求。
Creative Peptides is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of bioactive peptides. We are dedicated to offering custom peptide synthesis, process development, Manufacturing as well as catalog products for customers in industry and research area. Creative Peptides is staffed by scientific teams with experts in the fields of peptide technology, antibodies and synthetic chemistry. Our extensive expertise is translated into high quality products and world-class services to ensure the maximum satisfaction of the customers.
Creative Peptides offers hundreds of peptide modifications to meet any research need. These modifications can improve the overall stability of peptide, change the structure to better understand biological functions, or enhance the immunogenicity of antibody development and production. Our exceptional quality and reliability scientists ensure that the most appropriate methods and techniques are selected for each peptide project.
Creative Peptides has a strong team of scientists from different disciplines, including chemists, biologists, pharmacologists with a wealth of experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Creative Peptides offers comprehensive peptide analysis services to help our customers speed up their research and tailor our services to meet their needs.

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